the Details

Arabian Femme

My dark eyes will hold you, flirting intently against what would slowly transform into a backdrop of regal arches and wooden trellises. I am sensuous, sultry, with soft curves likened to the dunes of the Sahara. Love to know my signature allure? You can catch feminine notes of Chanel mixed with a richer Rose Oud lightly scenting my long brown hair. Don’t intoxicate yourself too quickly now…

Once you catch your breath, you’ll find making conversation compelling. A light, playful pinch of my signature sass and giggles has been known to go a long way. Let’s even delve deep into conversation; politics, power and philosophy in particular have been refined passions of mine in and out of my studies. This has staged itself well into the arts as I continue to discover my love for theatre, cinema and musicals. I love to conquer foreign lands in my travels, perhaps impatient and thus always passport ready to collect new ink stamps and incredible memories.

Not your average bratty little princess, I’ll assure you. I am easy to talk to, well educated, filled with class. Though only in my early 20s you’ll find me what they term an old soul simmering with that mischievous charm you’ll crave. After all, we all crave the finer things in life.

Age: Early 20s
Background: Arabic
Height: 5’3
All Natural.